Targets Europe 2020 strategy

The Europe 2020 strategy aims to promote economic growth within the EU. The targets for each country were laid down in 2010 and are the result of consultation between the governments of the member states and the EU institutions. Individual countries may have targets which differ from the general European target.
In this article, one indicator is presented for each theme, even if more indicators are available. In addition to the objectives referred to in this article, there are indicators for CO2 emissions, school dropouts, and energy efficiency. The reduction of CO2 emissions for the EU as a whole is set at 20 percent compared to 1990 and the target for the Netherlands is 16 percent. Reducing the school dropout rate to 10 percent is also a priority for the EU member states as a whole; the target for the Netherlands is set at less than 8 percent. Energy efficiency across Europe should grow by 20 percent. The Netherlands has no specific target regarding energy efficiency.