EMU deficit local governments

The EMU deficit local governments refers to the government deficit as defined in National Accounts. The public deficit (also termed EMU deficit) is one of the constituent parts of the Growth and Stability Pact.
The data referred to in this article are based on the EMU survey local governments have completed and subsequently sent to Statistics Netherlands. The local government level includes municipalities, provinces, water boards and intermunicipal corporations (co-operation at the local government level). The EMU survey is a questionnaire about the anticipated EMU surplus/deficit. In the survey, the projected EMU surplus/deficit is reported for several years to come. Estimates are of limited value and the data presented in the EMU survey are likely to divert from reality.
The data in this article and the table tally with the data as reported in the EMU survey of the local governments. This means that the data are not analysed or processed by Statistics Netherlands, but they are extrapolated for non-response. In graph 1, the intermunicipal corporations are included in the data on municipalities.