Higher turnover sector hotels and restaurants

  • Volume down
  • Turnover hotels significantly higher
  • Pubs and bars face loss of turnover

The most recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands show that turnover generated by the sector hotels and restaurants grew by 1.9 percent in the third quarter of 2013 relative to the same period last year. Although turnover improved, volume declined by 0.4 percent. Prices rose by 2.3 percent

Save pubs and bars, all branches included in the sector hotels and restaurants saw turnover improve in the third quarter compared to the third quarter of 2012. Hotels performed best realising a 6.7 percent higher turnover. August in particular was a good month for the hotel business.

For the sixth consecutive quarter, pubs and bars performed poorly, although - with 4.7 percent - the turnover decline was less substantial than in the preceding two quarters. Volume fell by more than 8 percent, prices rose by nearly 4 percent. Mainly as a result of  higher VAT and excise duty rates, food and drinks in pubs and bars were more expensive.

Restaurants and cafeterias generated more turnover in summer than in the summer of 2012. Restaurants achieved a modest volume growth of 0.5 percent, but turnover volume realised by cafeterias declined marginally. Consumer prices in restaurants and cafeterias increased by an average of 2 percent. July and August were good months for places to eat, but turnover slumped in September.