Selection of Statistics Netherlands releases in the period 26-30 November 2012 (Week 48).
Publication (in Dutch) at 9.30 hrs.

  Reporting period  
Monday 26 November   
Expected investment (autumn survey)   2012  
Companies facing financial obstacles   4th quarter 2012  
Tuesday 27 November   
Inequality in income    2011  
Healthy life expectancy by income    2008-2011  
Electricity production    2011  
Wednesday 28 November   
Producer confidence 1)   November 2012  
Thursday 29 November   
Turnover in hotels/restaurants   3rd quarter 2012  
Friday 30 December   
Social benefits: income support   3rd quarter 2012  
Business Cycle Tracer   November 2012  
Producer prices   October 2012  
Temp agencies   3rd quarter 2012  

1) Including Flash.  
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