Unemployed and job searches

The unemployed labour force includes all people aged 15-64 years who do not have paid work, or have paid work for less than twelve hours a week, are actively looking for a job for more than twelve hours a week, and are available to start work immediately.

The data on job searching by unemployed people refer to activities undertaken to find a job in the four weeks preceding the interview. These activities include:

  • going through job advertisements on the internet;
  • applying for jobs advertised via the internet;
  • going through job advertisements other than on the internet;applying for jobs advertised other than on the internet;
  • approaching employers directly;
  • asking around family, friends and relations;
  • asking at employment office UWV WERKbedrijf;
  • asking at or registering with temp agency;
  • writing an unsolicited letter of application;
  • attending a company or recruitment event.