Top sector

The government has defined nine top sectors. Top sectors are:

  • knowledge-intensive,
  • export-oriented,
  • often subject to specific legislation, and
  • able to make a significant contribution to solving social problems.

The nine top sectors are:
The top sector agro & food, horticulture and propagation materials, high-tech materials and systems, life sciences, logistics, water, chemistry, creative industry and energy.

Agro & food
The top sector Agro & food includes arable and cattle farming and the manufacture of food products.

Horticulture and propagation materials
The top sector horticulture comprises the entire horticultural chain from greenhouse construction, seed cultivation to auctioning vegetables, fruit and flowers.

High-tech materials and systems
The top sector high-tech largely includes the manufacture of metal products, mechanical engineering and software development.

Transport & storage
The top sector transport & storage includes transport & storage of goods and auxiliary services.

Creative industry
The top sector creative industry includes sectors which focus on design, meaning or symbolic value, e.g. art, cultural heritage, media and entertainment and creative commercial services.

The top sector energy includes generation of energy and natural gas and electricity supply.