New motorcycle sales drop to historically low level

New motorcycle sales have declined in recent years and half of new motorcycles are sold to people over the age of 40. One in eight motorcycles were owned by persons over the age of 60 last year.

Declining sales new motorcycles

Nearly 11 new motorcycles were sold last year versus nearly 17 thousand in 2008. Sales are in decline since 2008.

New motorcycle sales

New motorcycle sales

Turnover down

Declining sales have had a downward effect on the overall turnover realised by motorcycle dealers. Motorcycle dealers also generate turnover from the sale of second-hand motorcycles, repairs, maintenance and the sale of spare parts. Prior to the economic crisis, in 2008, motorcycle dealers generated a total turnover of 1.5 billion euro versus 1.2 billion euro (– 20 percent) in 2011.

Half of owners of new motorcycles in 40-60 age bracket

More than half of new motorcycles were sold to people in the age category 40-60 last year, whereas half of new motorcycles sold in 2000 were owned by people under the age of 30.

70 percent of motorcycle owners are over-40s

The average age of Dutch motorcyclists is rising. More than half of motorcyclists were under the age of 40 in 2000 versus less than 30 percent in 2011. Nearly 12 percent of motorcycles in the Netherlands were owned by over-60s in 2011, more than three times as many as in 2000. Nearly 60 percent of motorcycles were owned by people in their forties and fifties in 2011, i.e. one and a half times as many as in 2000. The average age among motorcyclists is rising more rapidly than in the overall Dutch population.

Motorcycles by age of the owner

Motorcycles by age of the owner

Astrid Kampert and Hugo de Bondt