Smaller rise in factory gate prices

30/05/2011 09:30

Factory gate prices in the Dutch manufacturing industry were almost 12 percent higher in April than twelve months previously. The price increase was slightly less substantial than in March and February, when prices were nearly 13 percent up on one year previously.

The price increase partly depends on oil price fluctuations. Prices of refined petroleum products were over 28 percent higher than one year previously. If these price developments are not taken into account, selling prices for manufactured products were 9 percent up on April 2010.

Prices of chemical products were nearly 20 percent up on one year previously. Prices of food products (13 percent) and basic metal products (11 percent) were also much higher. However, the price increases of basic metal products and chemical products were quite a lot less substantial than in March.

Selling prices in the manufacturing industry were almost 1 percent higher in April than in March. This price increase is slightly smaller than in the preceding month. Prices on the domestic market rose slightly more rapidly than prices on the foreign market.

Factory gate prices

Factory gate prices

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