Personal well-being

Personal well-being revolves around the question how satisfied and happy persons are with the lives they lead.
Information on personal well-being is available from data based upon the health module of the Integrated System of Social Surveys (POLS), in which the following two questions and corresponding response categories are found:
‘To what extent do you consider yourself a happy person?’
1 Very happy;
2 Happy;
3 Not happy/not unhappy;
4 Not very happy;
5 Unhappy

‘To what extent are you satisfied with the life you are currently leading?’
1 Extremely satisfied;
2 Very satisfied;
3 Satisfied;
4 Fairly satisfied;
5 Not so satisfied.

The response categories for this survey are happy (1, 2) and not happy (3, 4, 5), respectively satisfied (1, 2, 3) and not satisfied (4, 5).