Statistics Netherlands and the 100 million pay slips

The average gross annual wage of an employee in 2008 approached 30 thousand euro. The average hourly wage for all jobs in the Netherlands came to 19.53 euro an hour and working hours came to 29.3 hours a week.

This and much more information comes from the newly redeveloped Employment and Wages Statistics of Statistics Netherlands. These statistics are based on the policy administration for the period 2006-2008.

This completes the transition from having the SN surveys at 80 thousand enterprises as source material for the Employment and Wages statistics to the use of an administrative source. Statistics Netherlands gathered the data from enterprises until the middle of 2006.  

SN now uses the data from the policy administration (Polisadministratie), which comes down to over a 100 million pay slips a year. This is how Statistics Netherlands helps to reduce the administrative burden for enterprises. This new information also makes it possible to publish in more detail than before.

The StatLine database contains a great deal of information about jobs and wages of employees in enterprises and institutions, the wages, working hours and types of contracts etc:

In October 2010 the data will also be made available to researchers outside Statistics Netherlands who may use these anonymized files for their own research under certain conditions . The data on the year 2009 will be added by the end of 2010.