Amendments to the Act on Debt Restructuring Natural Persons (WSNP)

Debt management legislation was amended on 1 January 2008. Since that date, debtors are granted a debt management plan, only if they fulfil certain conditions.

One of these requirements is that the debtor has made an attempt to settle his debts amicably. This procedure must be supervised by an authorised institution for debt assistance.

Another change is that the debtor may ask the court to make it obligatory for one or more creditors who refuse to cooperate in an amicable settlement to do so. The debtor an also apply for a temporary provision to repay intimidating debts to give him more time to arrange a settlement. These instruments have extended the amicable debt settlement procedures.

Many municipalities have intensified their policy with respect to debt assistance. In addition, figures from the municipal credit banks for 2007 show that more and more people are applying for debt management plans, that the success rate has increased and that the drop-out rate has decreased.