Survey group pupils

More than 20 thousand pupils who started in regular secondary education in school year 1993/’94 were monitored over a period of 15 years. They were monitored on the following parameters: type of education and (un)successful completion of their study. Over the period 1995−2006, hospital admissions were also registered. Annual data on hospital admissions from the National Medical Registration and the Health Care and Advice Institute PRISMANT were linked on the level of individuals to pupil cohort 1993 by Statistics Netherlands, a sample survey among first-form pupils in secondary education in 1993.

As the length of the various types of secondary education vary, the periods in which hospital admissions were monitored also varied. The analyses only included relevant hospital admissions of premature school-leavers, i.e. prior to passing the final exam.

The data presented in this article are the results of cooperation between Statistics Netherlands and Maastricht University

For each type of secondary education, the relation between hospital admissions and premature school-leaving was analysed by means of logistic regression. Data were corrected for age, gender and socio-economic background.