Budget survey

Statistics Netherlands has held its Budget survey annually since 1978, with the exception of 2001and 2002. This survey is a sample survey and provides information on spending by private households in the Netherlands in the calendar year under review.

Until 2004, around 2 thousand households a year were approached to participate in the Budget survey. They were asked to record their spending (amounts over 20 euro) for the whole year. Small amounts (less than 20 euro) were asked orally for a period of two weeks. 
From 2005 onwards, the survey is conducted on the basis of two separate samples. In the first sample only large amounts and holiday spending is asked for. Each year around 6 thousand households are asked to participate in the survey for a period of three months.
In the other - separate - sample, a total of around 1,800 household are asked to report all spending and periodic spending. They participate in the survey for half a month.
In the Budget survey, spending is presented as the average spending by all households.