130 thousand households with an income of more than 100 thousand euro

The Dutch households, over 7 million, had an average of 33 500 euro to spend in 2008. Almost 130 thousand households had a net disposable income of 100 thousand or more. Their number has doubled in five years.

Rapid increase in households with an income over 100 thousand euro

In 2008 nearly 130 thousand households, 1.8 percent of all households, had a disposable income of more than a hundred thousand euro. This is more than twice the 2003 figure when over 60 thousand households had such high incomes. Also the number of households that had between 50 and 100 thousand euro to spend rose sharply between 2003 and 2008, namely from nearly 800 thousand to 1 million households.

Households with an income over 50 thousand euro (2008 price level)

Households with an income over 50 thousand euro (2008 price level)

Also major increase in the number of top incomes over 200 thousand euro

Of those households that had over a hundred thousand euro to spend 27 thousand had an income of two hundred thousand or more in 2008.  Their number also rose sharply in five years: in 2008 the number of households with such a high income was almost 2.5 times as high as in 2003. 

The highest incomes come from work and one’s own enterprise

Just over half of the households with an income from work or their own enterprise had an income higher than the 33 500 euro average. Only 15 percent of the households who depended largely on benefits or a pension had an above average income. The higher income classes are therefore dominated by households whose income mainly comes from work or their own enterprise.

Households per class of disposable income, 2008

Households per class of disposable income, 2008

Wim Bos