Persons aged 55 years or older who report pension as their main source of income, while in the previous year they reported labour as their main source of income. The reference month is September.
Pension includes income from old age pension, early retirement schemes, flexible retirement schemes, widows’ and orphans’/survivors’ benefits, war and resistance pensions, life annuities and supplementary pension payments from pension funds.
The data on retirement age are taken from the Social Statistics Database (SSB). The core of the SSB consists of linked registers with demographic and socio-economic data. There are also SSB satellites which describe a certain topic in more detail. By linking the registers a large number of data on persons, jobs, and benefits become integrally available and can be used to compile statistical overviews. Because the information is linked for several years, people can be followed in time.
As the results are based on complete enumeration, they are not subject to a margin of error. The most recent data available from the SSB are for the year 2006.