Less paid into company savings schemes

Dutch employees deposited a total 783 million euro in accounts for life course savings schemes in 2008. This is more than 7 percent less than in 2007. For company savings schemes, deposits totalled 1 billion euro. This, too, is 7 percent down on 2007

783 million euro deposited for life course schemes

In 2008 employees paid a total 783 million euro into life course savings schemes. In 2007 they deposited 844 million euro. In the year the schemes were introduced, 2006, the total deposited was 914 million euro. On average, participants in the schemes deposited 2,900 euro per account in 2008.

Opposite the deposits of 783 million euro in 2008, 113 million euro was withdrawn for parental, care and sabbatical leave. According to the most recent figures from Statistics Netherlands and the Dutch Association of Insurers, the total amount held in life course savings accounts has increased to 2.5 billion euro.

Amount in company savings schemes, 31 December 2008

Amount in company savings schemes, 31 December 2008

Company savings schemes also attract less money

Employees deposited just over 1 billion euro in save-as-you-earn accounts in 2008. This is 7 percent les than in 2007. The average deposit per account was 313 euro.

In 2008, 275 million euro in savings became available to account holders;  another 286 million euro was unfrozen, for example for the purchase of a house or to pay for child care. The total amount in save-as-you-earn accounts on 31 December 2008 was 3.5 billion euro.

Lia Siebeling