Smaller potato and seed onion crops

According to the first results of the Agricultural Survey 2009, the area used to grow ware potatoes has shrunk in 2009 relative to one year previously. The sand and peat soil areas used to grow ware potatoes have increased, but the total volume of potatoes harvested on clay soil has decreased. The cultivation area for seed onions was reduced byy 6 percent, following a four-year period of expansion. 

Cultivation areas arable crops


Winter wheat area, spring wheat area

The area of winter wheat was reduced by 9 percent to 128 thousand hectares. On the other hand, the area used to grow spring wheat was expanded by more 40 percent to 22.4 thousand hectares. The area used to grow green maize decreased marginally by 1 percent to approximately 239 thousand hectares. Last year, the green maize cultivation area reached a new record with nearly 242 thousand hectares.

Cor Pierik