Increase in number of dragonfly species

The National Counting Grid is a collective project by the Dutch Butterfly Foundation and Statistics Netherlands within the scope of the Network Ecological Monitor (NEM) and under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Altogether, dragonflies are counted on approximately 400 routes across the country on an annual basis. The index of each species has been calculated since 1999. The base year is 2000 (2000=100). The current status of each species is established (strong decline, moderate decline, stable, moderate improvement, strong improvement and uncertain). Only a few extremely rare species have not been taken into account.

For four different biotopes or inland water bodies, the trend of the species typical of that biotope has been established. Characteristic species are allocated to the four biotopes consistent with the publication De Nederlandse libellen (Odonata). De Nederlandse Fauna (2002).