Business services

The turnover figures used in the business services monitor are a weighted average of all sectors in business services for which quarterly figures are published.
The turnover figures of the various sectors in business services are based on the new standard industrial classification as of the first quater of 2009. In Dutch this is called the Standaard Bedrijfsindeling 2008 or BIC 2008. The BIC 2008 is derived from the classification used by the European Union and the United Nations. These classifications are updated about once every 15 years. The following sectors are included in the turnover figures of business services accoriding to the new standard industrial classification (BIC 2008):
• Computer programming, consultancy and related activities (BIC 62)
• Legal activities (BIC 691)
• Accounting, book-keeping and auditing activities (BIC 692)
• Management consultancy activities (BIC 702)
• Architectural and engeneering activities and related technical consultancy (BIC 711)
• Technical testing and analyisis (BIC 712)
• Advertising (BIC 731)
• Market research and opinion polling (BIC 732)
• Design, photography, translation and interpretation activities (Other professional, scientific and technical activities) (BIC 74)
• Activities of employment placement agencies, temporary employment agency activities, Other human resource provisions (BIC 781, 78201-78202, 783)
• Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities (BIC 79)
• Security and investigation activities (BIC 80)
• Cleaning activities (BIC 821)
• Other business services (Office administrative, office support and other business supportactivities) (BIC 82)