Retail turnover substantially down

Retail turnover was 8.5 percent lower in February than one year previously. Retail prices were 0.5 percent higher. The volume of turnover decreased by 9.0 percent. Turnover in the food as well as the non-food sector declined relative to February 2008.

Retail turnover is affected by the amount of shopping days and the holiday pattern. In 2009, February had one day less than in leap year 2008. After correction for this effect, turnover was approximately 4 percent down on one year previously.

Turnover in the non-food sector fell by nearly 11 percent. Turnover volume dropped significantly, prices remained fairly stable. In all branches within the non-food sector, turnover was lower than in February 2008.

In the food sector, turnover dropped by nearly 4 percent. Food prices were nearly 6 percent higher than one year previously. Supermarkets and shops specialised in food, drink and tobacco faced loss of turnover. February 2009 had one Friday less than February 2008 and because Friday is usually the best day of the week in the food sector, the effect was considerable. After correction for this effect, turnover was 2 percent up on February 2008.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover