Mental health care

Mental health care in the Netherlands comprises the following institutions:
• Specialist medical centres for treatment and nursing providing residential care if necessary, e.g. general psychiatric hospitals, children’s psychiatric clinics;
• clinics for treatment and nursing providing residential care if necessary for alcohol, drug and gambling addicts;
• treatment providing residential care if necessary for people who have a committed a criminal offence (or are in danger of committing a criminal offence) and are being treated for psychiatric disorders, e.g. forensic psychiatric clinics and custodial clinics.
• institutions for residential care and supervision in a sheltered environment of psychiatric patients with psycho-social problems and a limited ability to cope, e.g. regional institutions for sheltered housing. 
• centres for outpatient treatment, in combination with medication if necessary, of clients with psychological and psychosocial disorders and alcohol, drug  and gambling addicts (excluding practices of psychologists and psychotherapists); e.g. regional institutions for outpatient mental health care, clinics for alcohol and drug abuse, institutions for outpatient care for addicts, independent psychiatrists’ practices.

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