Fewer long-term income support claimants in problem districts

The number of people in deprived dsitricts in the Netherlands claiming income support benefit for at least three years fell by relatively more in 2007 than average for the whole country. In relative terms, more people depending on income support live in these districts than in other areas. Partly because of the favourable economic situation last year, the overall number of people claiming benefits fell.

Many long-term income support claimants in deprived districts

There are nearly four times as many people depending on long-term income support in the co-called problem districts as in the whole of the Netherlands. Nearly 7 percent of people living in one of these district have been claiming income support for at least three years.

People with long-term income support, 31 December 2007


Larger decrease in long-term income support in deprived districts

The total number of people who have been claiming income support for a longer period dropped considerably, by 5.5 percent, in 2007. One reason for this was the favourable economic situation last year. In the problem districts, the decrease of people on long-term income benefit fell by more than average, namely 6 percent. As a result these districts have caught up a little in this respect.

Decrease in long-term income support benefits, 31 December 2007


Strongest decrease in Rotterdam

Of the four largest Dutch cities, Rotterdam has the largest share of people with a long-term income support benefit. This is also the municipality with the largest decrease of these benefits. The Hague is the only one of the four largest cities where the number of long-term income support benefits in the deprived districts has fallen by less than in the other districts.

Half of all the designated problem districts are located in the four large cities. Nearly 80 percent of all inhabitants of the designated districts live in one of these four cities.

Decrease in people with long-term income support benefits., 31 December 2007


Martje Roessingh