Turnover growth in manufacturing industry in decline

Dutch manufacturing turnover was 6 percent higher in December 2007 than in December 2006. Turnover growth lagged behind the results of the previous two months. Output has been higher than in the same month one year previously for more than three-and-a-half years now.

The increase was entirely caused by a sharp rise in selling prices. The number of working days and holidays also varied from the pattern in December 2006. This had a negative effect on turnover growth.

Turnover growth on the domestic and foreign market was about the same. On both markets, the highest turnover growth was recorded in the petroleum and chemical industry. Turnover on the domestic and foreign market improved by 12 and nearly 8 percent respectively. 

In 2007, manufacturing turnover was almost 8 percent up on 2006. Better sales accounted for more than half of the turnover increase. Higher selling prices accounted for the remainder of the increase. All branches realised a higher turnover than in 2006.

Manufacturing turnover

Manufacturing turnover