Company-owned cars cover more and more kilometres

Private cars registered in the Netherlands averaged nearly 14 thousand kilometres in 2006, an increase by more than 5 percent relative to 2001. Company cars in particular covered more kilometres.

More kilometres travelled by car

The distance travelled by car has continually increased. Since 2001, the annual average distance travelled by car has gradually risen to nearly 14 thousand kilometres in 2006.

Annual average distance covered by car


Company cars cover more kilometres

More than one in ten cars in the Netherlands are company-owned. In 2006, company-owned cars averaged nearly 26 thousand kilometres, i.e. 14 percent more than in 2000. Privately-owned cars averaged over 12 thousand kilometres in 2006, which is 3 percent up on 2000.

Average distance by car ownership, 2000 and 2006


Diesel-powered cars annually travel more than twice as far as cars running on petrol
Cars running on diesel averaged 26 thousand kilometres in 2006, more than twice the distance covered by petrol cars. Diesel-powered company cars annually averaged 33 thousand kilometres. The largest average distance was covered by 1 or 2-year-old company cars weighing over 1,500 kilos, i.e. more than 41 thousand kilometres.

Average distance by type of fuel, 2006


Heavy cars cover more kilometres

Heavy privately-owned as well as company-owned cars cover more kilometres than lighter cars. Private cars whose weight exceeds 1,500 kilos annually covered nearly 21 thousand kilometres, more than two-and-a-half times the distance covered by cars weighing less than 850 kilos.

Frits Mullenders