Higher prices push up manufacturing turnover

11/01/2008 15:00

Dutch manufacturing turnover was 8 percent higher in November 2007 than in November 2006. The increase was entirely caused by a sharp rise in selling prices.

Most branches of manufacturing performed better. At 12 percent, the most substantial turnover increase was for food, drinks and tobacco. The chemical industry recorded a 11 percent higher turnover. The textile, clothes and leather industry recorded a negative turnover growth rate.

This is the fourth month in a row that the increase in domestic turnover is larger than that for exports. Manufacturers booked 10 percent more turnover from domestic sales. The petrochemical sector did extremely well on the domestic market, increasing turnover by 19 percent. Manufacturers saw export turnover rise by 7 percent. Again, the food, drink and tobacco industry accounted fro the largest increase: 14 percent. 

Manufacturing turnover

Manufacturing turnover