Norms of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has set ranges for certain financial indicators. Schools within these ranges are considered to be financially healthy.

The solvency ratio in secondary education should be between 10 and 45 percent; in vocational and adult education between 10 and 60 percent.
Solvency is calculated as: net assets/balance sheet total x 100 percent.

The cost effectiveness rate has limits of plus and minus 3 percent for secondary, vocational, adult, higher professional and university education..
Cost effectiveness is calculated as: (total assets - total liabilities)/total assets x 100 percent.

The resistance level should be between 10 and 40 percent in secondary education. The Ministry has not yet set norms for other levels of education.
Resistance is calculated as: net assets/ (total assets + financial assets) x 100 percent. Total assets include financial assets, but not extraordinary assets.

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