Quarterly figures Labour Force Survey: employment

Statistics Netherlands has recently taken up the publication of quarterly figures on the employed labour force broken down by type of contract, ethnic background and level of education. The data are based on the Labour Force Survey (EBB). The total amount of observational data is sufficiently large to present data about the employed labour force on a quarterly basis.

There may be discrepancies between current figures on the employed labour force as presented in Statistics Netherlands’ data base StatLine and annual figures which, from now on, will be calculated by taking the average of four consecutive quarters.

As from January 2008, when the annual figures over 2007 will become available, more results of the EBB will be incorporated in the StatLine data base. By mid-2008, when all StatLine tables will be updated, annual figures from the EBB will match with quarterly figures.

Save figures on the employed labour force, Statistics Netherlands also publishes quarterly figures about the number of jobs and the labour volume of employees. Unfortunately, data on the fourth quarter of 2006 and the first quarter of 2007 are as yet not available. Publication of these data has been postponed indefinitely as the registers used to compile these data are incomplete.