Unemployment rate lowest in four years

According to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands, seasonally adjusted unemployment averaged 347 thousand in the period March-May 2007; this is 7 thousand below the average over the period February-April.

In the period March-May of this year, 4.7 percent of the labour force were unemployed. For the first time in four years, the unemployment rate dropped under 5 percent

Male and female unemployment considerably down

In the period March-May 2007, seasonally unadjusted unemployment averaged 353 thousand, a reduction by 77 thousand or almost one fifth relative to one year previously. Men accounted for more than half of the reduction. Male unemployment decreased by 43 thousand to 161 thousand, i.e. 3.8 percent of the labour force.
Female unemployment was also reduced substantially by 36 thousand to 191 thousand. In the period March-May this year, 5.8 percent of the female labour force were unemployed. 

Unemployment rate among men aged 25-44 drops below 3 percent

With 2.8 percent, the lowest unemployment rate was recorded among 25 to 44-year-old men; this is about the same as in the period March-May 2002, but well above the lowest point recorded in mid-May, when 1.4 percent of the male population in this age bracket were unemployed.

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