Sizeable increase retail turnover

According to the latest figures published by Statistics Netherlands, retail turnover improved 6.0 percent in March 2007 relative to the same period last year. The volume of retail sales increased by over 4 percent compared to one year previously. Retail prices increased by 2 percent. Non-food shops were performing particularly well. Mail-order companies and online shops realised a significant turnover increase of 12 percent in March compared to one year ago.

Retail turnover was affected positively by the shopping day pattern. After adjustment for the number of shopping days, a sizeable turnover increase of nearly 5 percent remains.

Turnover non-food shops more than 8 percent higher

Turnover in non-food shops was 8.2 percent higher in March 2007 than in the same month last year. The volume of sales increased by nearly 6 percent.  Prices in the non-food sector increased by over 2 percent.

Retail turnover increased across the board relative to one year previously. Clothes shops performed exceptionally well and saw their turnover grow by more than 17 percent compared to one year ago. The sunny, warm weather during a fortnight in March might play a part in this respect.

Food sector also performs better

Shops selling food, drinks and tobacco achieved a 3.0 percent turnover increase in March relative to the same month last year. A volume growth of nearly 2 percent was achieved in this sector, prices were more than 1 percent higher. Supermarkets realised a turnover growth of 3.5 percent.