Manufacturing turnover 7 percent

Manufacturing turnover was 7 percent higher in December 2006 than in the same month in 2005. Turnover has been higher than twelve months previously for more than two and a half years now. More than two-third of December’s turnover increase can be attributed to improved sales. Higher selling prices account for one-third.

December’s turnover increase appears to fall short of the turnover increase realised in the previous two months, when turnover growth figures were in the double digits. December 2006 had fewer shopping days than December 2005. This had a negative effect on turnover of approximately 4 percent.

Turnover on the foreign market increased by 12 percent. The most substantial turnover growth was realised in the production of metals and metal products and in food, drinks and tobacco. Domestic turnover growth did not exceed 2 percent. The metal industry also performed well on the domestic market and generated a 7 percent turnover growth.

In 2006, manufacturing turnover was 9 percent up on 2005. Improved sales and higher factory gate prices were crucial in this respect. In the first six months of 2006 in particular, higher oil prices strongly affected factory gate prices. All branches realised a higher turnover than in 2005. Turnover on the foreign market was 11 percent higher, the domestic market accounted for a 7 percent turnover increase.

 Turnover industry

Turnover industry