Goods exports higher in July

In July the volume of goods exports was more than 6 percent larger than in July 2005. The volume of imported goods was 8 percent larger than a year before.

In the first seven months of 2006 the volume of exports was 8 percent larger than in the same period of 2005. This puts the volume increase of exports 1 percent point above that for the whole of 2005. The volume increase for imports in the first seven months of 2006 was 9 percent, 3 percent points higher than for the whole of 2005.

The value of exports in July amounted to 24.4 billion euro, 10 percent more than in July 2005. The value of imports was 13 percent higher than last year, at 22.8 billion euro. This resulted in a trade surplus of 1.6 billion euro. Prices of imports and exports were respectively 5 and 4 percent higher than twelve months previously. There were no working day effects because July 2006 had the same number of working days as July 2005.

Trade with EU countries increased more than trade with non-EU countries. With 17 percent growth especially imports from EU countries were higher than a year before. Imports from Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom were particularly higher than in July 2006.

Goods exports (volume)

Goods exports (volume)