Consumer confidence higher

Consumer confidence in September was higher than in August. Consumer confidence has risen almost permanently over the past year. For the fourth month running, optimists outnumber pessimists.

Dutch consumers were more positive about the economic climate in September than they were in August. Consumers’ opinions on the economic situation over the past twelve months improved notably and they were also slightly more positive about the twelve months to come.

Willingness to buy also improved in September. Consumers were more optimistic about their own financial situation compared to one month previously. Particularly their opinions on their own financial situation over the past twelve months were less negative. They also thought September was a slightly better month to buy expensive items than August. For the first time since January 2002, consumers who believe it is a favourable time to buy expensive items outnumber those who hold a different view.

The European harmonised consumer price index is used to compare consumer confidence in the various member states of the European Union. An article in Focus (“Dutch consumers more positive than their European counterparts”), published on Monday 10 July elaborates on the European figures.

Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted

Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted