Spending on long holidays 500 million euro up since 2002

In 2005, the Dutch population spent 12.8 billion euro on holidays. The bulk (11.3 billion euro) was spent on long holidays. Total holiday expenditure remained fairly stable in recent years, although the amount spent on long holidays rose by 500 million euro since 2002. Spending on short breaks was reduced by the same amount.

Large amount spent in Spain

In 2002, the Dutch population spent 10.8 billion euro on long holidays, as against 11.3 billion euro last year; 85 percent was spent on long holidays to foreign destinations. The Dutch spent a relatively large amount on holidays in Spain (1.2 billion euro) and France (1.1 billion euro) last year.

Spending on long holidays by country of destination, 2005

Holidays singles most expensive

With 890 euro, single holiday makers spent the highest average amount on long holidays to foreign destinations in 2005, followed by households with adult members only, who spent an average 801 euro per person. Persons in households with small children spent on average 440 euro per person on long holidays abroad.

Average household expenditure on long holidays, 2005

High income brackets spend more money on holidays than low income brackets

The average holiday maker with an annual gross household income below 23 thousand euro spent 619 euro on long foreign holidays. The amount spent by households with an annual income of 56 thousand euro or more averaged 779 euro. The higher the income, the more households are inclined to spend on long foreign holidays.

Average expenditure on long holidays by annual income, 2005

City dwellers spend more on holidays than people living in the country
Big-city dwellers on average spend 750 euro on holidays to foreign destinations. People living in smaller municipalities approximately spend 650 euro. The differences are in fact smaller, because more singles live in big cities.

Henk Swinkels