Again more turnover in Dutch retail trade

In February 2006 the turnover in retail trade was up by 4.5 percent on February 2005. The turnover in non-food stores was considerably higher. Prices in the retail trade stayed about the same, while the turnover volume increased by 4.6 percent on the year before. The turnover of retail trade has been going up since the second half of 2005.

Non-food stores have considerably more turnover

In February the turnover in the non-food sector was up by 6.8 percent on February 2005. Non-food stores had already had substantially higher turnovers for month, compared to the year before. Prices in non-food were down by 0.6 percent than in February 2005. The turnover volume was up by 7.5 percent.

Almost all branches in non-food had more turnover than the year before. The steepest rise was in the turnover of consumer electronics, where the stores had 11.5 percent more turnover than the year before. Also textile supermarkets and clothes stores had a substantially higher turnover. Only stores in household articles saw their turnover fall in February.

Turnover food sector increasing again

The turnover in food stores in February 2006 was 2.8 percent up. In this branch the turnover has been higher than the previous year for months. Prices in the food sector were 0.7 percent higher, the turnover volume increased by 2.0 percent.