Export value of goods reaches record high in 2005

With a value of 281 billion euro, Dutch exports of goods were 10 percent higher than in 2004. The import value of goods increased by 9 percent in 2005 to 249 billion euro.

Dutch import and export prices went up by 3 percent in 2005.

The volume of the export of goods was 7 percent higher in 2005. The import volume increased by 6 percent on 2004.

The export increase is mainly due to re-exports. Exports of Dutch manufactured goods did not increase by quite so much.

Trade surplus over 30 billion in 2005

In 2005 the Dutch trade surplus reached 32 billion euro. This is 17 percent more than in 2004. The high trade surplus is due to the fact that goods exports rose faster than imports. 

Relatively more trade with non-EU countries

In 2005 the value of imports and export with non-EU countries increased greatly in comparison with 2004. Both imports and exports were 15 percent higher. The total import of goods from non-EU countries was 112 billion euro. Dutch exports reached 65 billion. The main import and export products were raw materials, mineral fuels, machinery and means of transport.

Dutch exports to EU countries reached 216 billion euro in 2005, up 8 percent on 2004. With a value of 137 billion euro, the imports from EU countries increased by 5 percent. Raw materials, mineral fuels and chemical products played a key role in the increase of imports and exports alike. 

Imports from Russia and China growing fast

The Netherlands imported 36 percent more from Russia in 2005 and 32 percent more from China. With imports worth 19 billion euro China has become almost as important a supplier of goods for the Netherlands in 2005 as the USA. The imports from Russia mainly consisted of more, and more expensive mineral fuels. Machinery and means of transport formed the lion’s share of Chinese imports. Germany and Belgium remained the main import countries despite the lower growth rates.

Also more imports and exports in December

The volume of the imports of goods in December was up by 7 percent on December 2004. Exports were up by 9 percent. December 2005 had two working days less than December 2004. Export prices rose by 6 percent on December 2004. Import prices were 7 percent higher than in December 2004.

Exports had a value of 25 billion euro, which is up 10 percent on December 2004. Import increased by 9 percent and reached 22 billion euro. This brought the increase in imports and exports in December 2005 to the same growth rate level as the average of the preceding eleven months.

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