More turnover in manufacturing

In November 2005 the turnover of the Dutch manufacturing industry was up by 7 percent on November 2004. The increase was mainly due to higher selling prices. In November 2005 Dutch manufacturing produced about the same as in November 2004. These are the latest preliminary figures corrected for calendar effects by Statistics Netherlands. 

Higher turnover mainly due to higher prices

The increase in turnover in Dutch manufacturing is mainly due to higher selling prices. Prices were on average 5 percent higher than the year before. On the domestic market, turnover was up by 6 percent. Turnover on the international market was up by 8 percent. Of the various branches in de manufacturing the largest turnover increase was found in the oil, chemicals and rubber industries. 

Manufacturing production virtually unchanged

In November 2005 the production of manufacturing was about the same as in November 2004. In October the production was likewise about the same as in October 2004.

The short-term development in production is quite stable. In the period October-November 2005 production was down by 0.3 percent on the period August-September. These figures are corrected for seasonal and calendar effects. The production of investment goods, and of raw materials and semi-manufactured goods, increased in the period October-November. On the other hand, the production of consumer goods fell sharply.