Unemployment slightly down in September-November

In the period September-November 2005 an average of 461 thousand people in the Netherlands were unemployed. The seasonally adjusted unemployment figure was 481 thousand, 4 thousand less than in the period August-October 2005.

The slight decrease of unemployment follows a long period of stabilisation. The seasonally adjusted unemployment in the first three quarters fluctuated around 490 thousand persons.

Compared to a year ago, unemployment in the period September-November was 7 thousand lower. Especially unemployment among men aged 15-24 was lower.

In the period September-November 2005 an average 6.2 percent of the Dutch labour force was unemployed. This is about the same as during September-November 2004. Unemployment was relatively highest among people aged 15-24.

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted