Retail turnover continues to grow

In October 2005 turnover in retail trade was 0.5 percent higher than twelve months ago. For the third month in a row, turnover increased in October. After correction for the shopping day pattern, turnover increased by nearly 3 percent, according to the latest figures published by Statistics Netherlands.

Turnover volume up, prices down

In October 2005 retail turnover volume was 1.3 percent up on October 2004; prices were 0.8 percent down. The less favourable shopping day pattern in October, compared to the same month last year, had a negative effect on turnover volume. After correction, turnover volume increased by approximately 3.5 percent

Higher turnover non-food sector

In October 2005 turnover in non-food shops was 2.1 percent up on October last year. Prices fell by 1 percent, turnover volume went up by 3.1 percent. Clothes shops and DIY supermarkets recorded a higher turnover.

Shops specialised in consumer electronics realised a higher turnover for the third consecutive month. Prior to this period, the sector consumer electronics faced a two-and-a-half year period of persistent turnover loss. In October 2005 turnover in chemist’s shops and shops selling household articles dipped below the results achieved in October 2004.

Turnover loss for food sector

In October 2005 turnover in shops selling food, drinks and tobacco dropped 1.6 percent below last year’s results in the same month. Prices in these shops dropped by 0.4 percent, turnover volume by 1.2 percent.

Turnover in supermarkets decreased by 1.8 percent, compared to twelve months ago. Specialised retail shops, such as butcher’s and greengrocer’s shops and off-licences reported a turnover decline of 0.8 percent. The unfavourable shopping day pattern in October 2005 was particularly detrimental to the food sector. After correction for shopping days, turnover in the food sector increased by over 2 percent compared to the same month one year previously.