Volume of goods exports higher in June

02/09/2005 13:35

After correction for prices and working days, the volume of goods exported from the Netherlands was 4 percent higher in June than in the same month last year. In April and May the increase was higher at 7 percent. In June 2004, however, the volume of exports was relatively high. The value of goods exports was 6 percent higher in June than twelve months previously. Export prices were 2 percent up on June 2004.  .

Exports of goods to countries outside the European Union rose by 8 percent in the twelve months to June, totalling 5.6 billion euro. Exports to EU countries rose by 5 percent in the same period to 18.2 billion euro.

The value of imports of goods was 6 percent higher in June than twelve months previously. Imports from outside the European Union were substantially higher (+ 15 percent) than in June 2004. Their value amounted to 9.1 billion euro. Imports from EU countries were only 1 percent up at 11.6 billion euro.

Export of goods

Export of goods