Foreign trade up 6 percent in June

The value of imports to and exports from the Netherlands was 6 percent higher in June than in the same month last year. Imports amounted to 20.7 billion euro, exports to 23.8 billion euro, putting the trade balance at 3.1 billion euro the same as in June last year. Prices of imports and exports were slightly higher than twelve months previously, according to provisional figures from Statistics Netherlands.

Substantially more imports from outside EU

Imports of goods from outside the European Union were substantially higher (+ 15 percent) than twelve months previously. Their value amounted to 9.1 billion euro. Imports from EU countries were only 1 percent up at 11.6 billion euro.

Exports of goods to countries outside the European Union rose by 8 percent in the twelve months to June, totalling 5.6 billion euro. Exports to EU countries rose by 5 percent tin the same period to 18.2 billion euro.

Oil prices push up imports in second quarter

The value of total goods imports was 8 percent higher in the second quarter of 2005 than in the second quarter of 2004. The largest increase in imports was for mineral fuels. The hefty increases in oil prices were the main factor in the 24 percent increase in the value of mineral fuel imports. Indeed, imports from most oil exporting countries, such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, grew by more than average. In addition the steady increase in imports from China also continued.

Exports rose by 10 percent in the second quarter compared with the same period last year. Exports to eastern Europe in particular grew in this period.

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