Sharp fall in traffic deaths in 2004

Traffic fatality rate fell by 19 percent last year. According to figures published by Statistics Netherlands and the AVV Transport Research Centre of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, 881 people were killed in traffic in 2004. In the previous year 1,088 people died on Dutch roads. Far fewer men and children died in road accidents.

Traffic fatality rate at historical low

In the early 1970s the annual traffic death toll exceeded 3 thousand. Subsequently, the number of deaths dropped to approximately 1,100 in 2003. In 2004 traffic death toll amounted to 881, unprecedented since the Second World War. 

Fewer traffic deaths among children

In 2004  36 children under the age of fifteen perished in road accidents, a 44 percent decline compared to the previous year when 64 children in that age category died. There was no significant reduction in traffic mortality among older people. Just like in previous years, over 200 people aged 70 years and older died in traffic. With 182, the death toll was highest in the 20-29 age group.

The number of male traffic deaths amounted to 630 last year, 22 percent down on 2003. There were 251 female traffic deaths in 2004, a reduction of 12 percent compared to 2003. Despite the strong decline, men still account for 70 percent of all traffic deaths.

Half of traffic deaths are car passengers

Nearly half of traffic deaths are car passengers or drivers. The total amount of deaths among car passengers decreased by 76 in 2004. There was also a substantial reduction by 40 and 30 respectively, in the number of cyclists and pedestrians killed in traffic accidents. A noticeable decrease was recorded among van and lorry drivers and passengers. 

Death toll high in North Brabant due to extensive road network

In 2004  20 percent of traffic deaths perished on roads in North Brabant. This province has had the highest traffic death toll for years. The extensive road network is partly due to this situation. Roads in North Brabant cover 16 percent of the total length of the Dutch road network, whereas roads in the province of Flevoland cover only 3 percent of the total length of the Dutch road system. Indeed only more than 2 percent of all road deaths were registered in Flevoland.

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