More people visit dentists and physiotherapist

Since the 1980s more and more people have been to dentists and physiotherapists. The number of people going to their GP increased in the 1980s and then stabilised. The share of consultations with specialists has remained unchanged since the 1980s.

Health care consultations

Health care consultations

Dentist and physiotherapist

Eight in ten people went to the dentist at least once in 2003. In the early 1990s this was seven in ten, and in the early eighties six in ten. The average number of visits to the dentist remained virtually unchanged over the last two decades, with over 2 per person.

One in six people went to a physiotherapist in 2003. This share has increased steadily since the eighties. The average number of visits also increased, from 1.5 per person in the mid eighties to 3 in 2003.

GP contacts

GP contacts

Three quarters contact GP at least once a year

In 2003 three quarters of the population contacted a GP at least once a year. The average number of contacts was 4 per person. After earlier increases the share of at least one contact a year has been stable since the nineties, as has the average frequency of contacts.

Almost four in ten people went to a medical specialist at least once in 2003. The average number of consultations per person with a specialist was 1.6. The two figures remained virtually unchanged since the 1980s.

GPs make fewer house calls

GPs are visiting their patients less often. In the early 1980s some 15 percent of all contacts with a GP consisted of house calls. In 2003 this was only 4 percent. The share of consultations by telephone doubled during this period.

Ferdy Otten