More traffic on Dutch roads

In 2000 Dutch motorways had to cope with 80% more traffic on weekdays than in 1986. The increase in traffic intensity was less drastic for provincial roads: one and a half times as many vehicles used these roads in 2000 as in 1986.

Traffic intensity is measured by means of permanent vehicle counts at some 800 fixed locations on motorways and provincial roads outside built-up areas. These counts are carried out round the clock, seven days a week.

In 1996 traffic intensity had increased by more than half compared with 1986. Since then the growth has continued unabated.

Traffic intensity on weekdays

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In holiday periods, too, Dutch roads are becoming busier and busier. In the ‘quiet’ periods – the holiday months July and August and the winter months December and January, traffic intensity on motorways and other main roads is increasing by the year.

Traffic intensity per month on weekdays

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Frits Mullenders