Author: CBS
CBS Multi-annual Programme 2024-2028

About CBS

Mission and core values

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) occupies a unique position in the dynamic environment outlined above. Its mission is to compile and publish reliable, coherent statistical information which meets the needs of Dutch society. CBS’ core values are derived from this mission. It seeks to be reliable, objective and society-oriented. This position and mission are based on the statutory task set for CBS: creating an independent and objective map of society by producing reliable statistics, reporting on its findings and performing its work efficiently and accurately.

The statistics produced by CBS are a public good; public access is therefore a fundamental element of its statistics. As also prescribed by the European Statistics Code of Practice, CBS actively publishes all results of its statistical research on its website. Open data are made available on the CBS open data portal and interactively through StatLine. In line with the Open op Orde action plan (aimed at improving central government information management and transparency), CBS is also investing in public access to its administrative information so as to be able to respond promptly to requests from citizens and enterprises.

Data access

In order to produce reliable statistics while simultaneously reducing the administrative burden for citizens and enterprises, CBS has been granted access to government data by law. Data that have already been collected by other government organisations can therefore be reused and consolidated for statistical purposes by CBS. CBS also collects information through surveys of enterprises, institutions and individuals. A complicating factor is that the societal reality is changing and new data sources needed to describe the changes are not always accessible to CBS.

Financial parameters

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy provides the basic budget for the performance of CBS’ statutory duties (see also the Finance chapter). The activities that CBS will carry out are outlined in the Multi-annual Programme. These activities fulfil CBS’ statutory duties and fit within the financial and organisational parameters.