Base shift for input price indices Civil engineering from 2010=100 to 2015=100

Annex 1

Weights of 42/43 Civil engineering and the ten civil engineering areas broken down into PPI (two-digit PRODCOM group), SPI, CPI and labour for the 2015=100 series (%)
Source1)Description42/43 Civil engineering works4211a Road construction brick paving4211b Road construction asphalt paving4212
Railways and underground railways
4212a Railways New construction4212b
Railways Exploitation/
4213 Bridges and tunnels4221 Constructions for fluids4291 Constructions for water projects4312 Site preparation works4321 Electrical installation works
PPI 08Sand and gravel12101256203138 
PPI 13Non-wovens00
PPI 16Wood products01010
PPI 19Diesel and lubricating oils335134101
PPI 20Paint and paint products00
PPI 22Rubber and plastics200008
PPI 23Concrete mortar, concrete products and bituminous products253244121141945224
PPI 24Metals2182114173
PPI 25Metal constructions6210328
PPI 26Electronic and optical products5093429
PPI 27Electrical equipment26318
PPI 28Machinery and tools6481413796373
PPI 29Cars and trailers224011101
PPI 30Other means of transport14
PPI 35Energy015
CPIInsurance and tax01
SPIServices, including cost of transport and software licences0211
1) PPI = PRODCOM producer prices, CPI = Consumer prices, SPI = Commercial services, Labour = collectively agreed wages.