In that case you can contact the Statistics Netherlands’ Infoservice.

Statistics Netherlands’ website contains many links to ready-made StatLine tables. They can be accessed through the themes and dossiers on the website. Choose the theme or dossier you are interested in, go to the tab Figures, and you will find links to ready-made tables of the most important StatLine tables. If this does not help, you can contact the CBS Infoservice, 0031 88 5707070.
Clicking on the Themes tab will take you back to the overview of all themes available. If you clicking on the back button of your browser, you will return to the theme you visited when selecting the table.

By clicking on the filter icon, you can make different selections.

changing filter

Each table has its own pre-set presentation. A table shown on the screen usually contains only some of the available data. It is possible to select only those items you are interested in by using the filters.

Sometimes, the data selection is presented above the grey line. This means only one item is presented in the table. By dragging blocks beneath the grey line, you will be able to select more options from the list. To display multiple items from the selection, these have to be dragged down to underneath the grey line. You may also drag items from row to column or vice versa.

dragging filter

More information on the possibilities can be found in our demo videos and user manual.

In addition to the user manual, there are videos explaining how to work with StatLine. Within StatLine, each page has a button to navigate to the ‘Help’ page in the upper right corner.

help StatLine

StatLine shows a maximum of 20 thousand figures on the screen and allows you to download a maximum of one million figures. This is mainly because the waiting time for larger numbers of data may be considerable. More figures are available at the CBS open data portal. Clicking at de download icon will take you to the same table at the open data portal:

link to Data portal

There are two ways to access the English StatLine database. One is to search for data by entering one or more search terms in the search box at the upper right corner of the menu bar. The other is to browse through the themes under which our datasets have been classified; you can do this by clicking the Themes tab.search StatLine