Hotels; guests, country of residence, star rating

Hotels; guests, country of residence, star rating

Country of residence Star rating Regions Periods Guests (x 1,000) Overnight stays (x 1,000)
All countries Total Nederland 2022 November* 2,375 4,230
All countries Accommodations without stars Nederland 2022 November* 216 420
All countries 1 star accommodations Nederland 2022 November* 25 45
All countries 2 star accommodations Nederland 2022 November* 78 148
All countries 3 star accommodations Nederland 2022 November* 645 1,192
All countries 4 star accommodations Nederland 2022 November* 1,301 2,242
All countries 5 star accommodations Nederland 2022 November* 109 182
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table presents an overview of the number of guests and their overnight stays in the Netherlands in all hotels, motels, boarding houses, apartments with hotel services, youth accommodation and bed & breakfasts with at least 5 sleeping places. The figures can be broken down by country of residence of the guest, and by star rating. Figures are available for The Netherlands as a whole, and for the city of Amsterdam.

The breakdown by star rating is based on the opinion of the accommodation itself. The star rating does not have to be officially registered. The breakdown contains all types of accommodation mentioned above, not just hotels. The '5 stars' category contains 5 star hotels, but also for instance 5 star bed&breakfasts.

Break in series:

Figures on guests and overnight stays per star rating for the years until 2015, that were published before, were based on offical registrations of the number of stars by the 'Bedrijfschap Horeca en Catering'. This official registration does no longer exist. Therefore, Statistics Netherlands started asking accommodations about their number of stars in its annual survey. For this reason, the figures in this table are not directly comparable with figures published about the years until 2015.

Data available from: 2017

Status of the figures:
The figures for the reporting year 2022 are provisional figures. The figures until 2021 are final.

Changes as of 11 January 2023:
The figures for November 2022 have been added.

Changes as of 24 March 2022:
As of 24 March 2022, the municipality of Weesp will merge with the municipality of Amsterdam. This municipal redivision has been implemented in this table as at January 1, 2022.
Since January 2021, CBS has allowed companies to supply data in other ways, for example through cooperation with municipalities or other organisations with which agreements have been made.
This often involves processing figures that are collected by the municipality from visitor registers for overnight accommodation. The quality of the data is carefully monitored, but small trend breaks may occur in some regional breakdowns as a result of using these new sources.

When will new figures be published?
Figures of a new month become available within three months after the end of that month, these are provisional figures. The figures for the complete year are revised one month after publication of the December figures, these are revised provisional figures. Two months later definite figures will be published.

Description topics

A guest is a visitor who stays in a hotel or boarding house for at least one night.
Guests do not include:
- Permanent guests who stay in a hotel or boarding house for more than two months.
- Guests who have a permanent pitch on a camp site or rent a holiday home for more than two months.
- Asylum seekers, even those who stay in an accommodation for less than two months.
For each month the guests who checked out in that month will be counted in the survey, regardless of the month they arrived.
A person who stays in a hotel accommodation more than twice in a month (either the same establishment or different establishments) is counted as a guest each time.
Overnight stays
All guests spend nights in a overnight accommodation.