Wealth of households; components of wealth

Wealth of households; components of wealth

Household characteristics Components of wealth Periods Number of private households (x 1 000) Total wealth (bn euros) Mean wealth (1 000 euros) Median wealth (1 000 euros)
Private households Wealth 2021* 7,948.7 2,073.0 260.8 87.4
Private households 1 Assets 2021* 7,948.7 2,964.2 372.9 244.2
Private households 1.1 Financial assets 2021* 7,816.2 507.8 65.0 19.8
Private households 1.1.1 Bank and savings credits 2021* 7,814.1 361.8 46.3 18.2
Private households 1.1.2 Securities 2021* 1,347.5 146.0 108.3 16.0
Private households 1.2 Real estate 2021* 4,557.5 1,881.1 412.7 332.4
Private households 1.2.1 Principal residence 2021* 4,502.1 1,714.9 380.9 328.1
Private households 1.2.2 Other real estate 2021* 540.2 166.2 307.7 145.1
Private households 1.3 Enterprise capital 2021* 964.5 83.6 86.7 15.4
Private households 1.4 Substantial interest 2021* 464.5 435.2 937.0 153.0
Private households 1.5 Other assets 2021* 441.8 56.6 128.0 38.0
Private households 2 Liabilities 2021* 5,543.6 891.2 160.8 114.1
Private households 2.1 Principal residence loans 2021* 3,787.9 741.3 195.7 162.5
Private households 2.2 Education loans 2021* 1,366.4 24.4 17.8 10.2
Private households 2.3 Other loans 2021* 2,645.8 125.5 47.4 1.6
Source: CBS.
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This table shows the distribution of wealth of households. The figures in this table are broken down to components of wealth and different household characteristics.

Data available from: 2006.
The population consists of all private households with income on January 1st of the reporting year.

Status of the figures:
The figures for 2006 to 2020 are final. The figures for 2021 are preliminary.

The compilation of the figures has been changed in a number of parts from reporting year 2011 compared to previous years:
From 2011, more complete information on bank and saving credits and securities is available. All small amounts are also observed from that moment on. As a result, there are more households with these assets.
From 2011, more complete information on debts is available. Education loans and loans from banks are fully observed from that moment on. As a result, there are more households with other loans.

Changes as of 19 October 2022:
Figures for 2020 are finalized. Preliminary figures for 2021 are added.
The figures on wealth excluding principal residences have been adjusted, due to an error in the calculation.
Due to a non-implemented administrative change in the source data, the total study debt for the years 2019 - 2022 has been underestimated. According to the first estimate, total study debt is between 0.8 and 2.1 billion euros higher than mentioned below. This means the average study debt is between 300 and 800 euros higher. The exact adjustment is expected in the first quarter of 2023.

Changes as of April 2021:
Revised data for 2006 to 2019 have been added.
Due to the availability of new sources and improvements in the methodology, wealth figures have been changed.

When will new figures be published?
New figures for 2022 will be published in the fall of 2023.

Description topics

Number of private households
Number of private households with a known income on January 1st of the reporting year.

A private household is a collection of one or more people who share the same living space and provide in their own everyday needs in a private, non-commercial way.
Total wealth
Total wealth of private households.
Mean wealth
Mean wealth of private households.
Median wealth
Median wealth of private households.

Ranking households according to their wealth, the median is equal to the wealth of the central household. Half of the households possess more wealth, the other half has less.