Tourist expenditure; NA, 2010-2016

This table contains data on tourist expenditure. Tourism is not an industry in itself, but covers a wide range of products and services delivered to tourists from different industries. The table contains the sales of resident enterprises to resident and non-resident tourists, as well as the expenditures of resident tourists abroad. The figures are consistent with the conceptual framework of the National Accounts (NA ) and can be compared with existing macroeconomic indicators such as gross domestic product, the total value added and the total number of jobs in the Netherlands. The tourism accounts offer an integrated macroeconomic overview of the importance of tourism to the economy.

Data available from: 2010 up to and including 2016.

Status of the figures:
Data from 2010 up to and including 2015 are final. Data of 2016 are provisional. Since this table has been discontinued, data of 2016 will not become final.

Changes as of 29 August 2018:
None. This table has been discontinued.
Statistics Netherlands has carried out a revision of the national accounts. New statistical sources and estimation methods have been used during the revision. Therefore this table has been replaced by table Tourism; expenditure, National Accounts. For further information see section 3.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable anymore.

Tourist expenditure; NA, 2010-2016

Periods Value at current pricesTourist expenditure NL economyTotal tourist expenditure NL economy (mln euro) Tourist expenditure NL economyDomestic tourism expenditureTotal domestic tourism expenditure (mln euro)
2010 59,542 43,967
2011 62,395 46,257
2012 64,662 47,130
2013 65,909 47,011
2014 69,084 48,473
2015 72,992 50,054
2016* 75,745 51,421
Source: CBS.
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