Health, lifestyle, health care use and supply, causes of death; key figures

Health, lifestyle, health care use and supply, causes of death; key figures

Periods Care supply Average distance to facilities Hospital (incl. outpatients clinic) (km)
2022 .
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Dataset is not available.

This table provides an overview of the key figures on health and care available on StatLine. All figures are taken from other tables on StatLine, either directly or through a simple conversion. In the original tables, breakdowns by characteristics of individuals or other variables are possible.
The period after the year of review before data become available differs between the data series.
The number of exam passes/graduates in year t is the number of persons who obtained a diploma in school/study year starting in t-1 and ending in t.

Data available from: 2001

Status of the figures:
Most figures are definite.
Figures reported for the last year are provisional for:
- perinatal mortality at pregnancy lasting at least 22 weeks (WHO);
- diagnoses known to the general practitioner;
- hospital admissions by some diagnoses;
- average period of hospitalisation;
- AWBZ/Wlz-funded long term care;
- physicians and nurses employed in care;
- Mbo health care graduates;
- Hbo nursing graduates / medicine graduates (university);
- profitability and operating results at institutions.
Figures reported for the last two years are provisional for:
- supplied drugs;
- persons employed in health and welfare;
- persons employed in healthcare.
For expenditures of care, figures for 2021 are provisional; the figures for 2019 and 2020 are revised provisional.

Changes as of 20 December 2022:
More recent figures have been added for:
- live births to teenage mothers;
- causes of death;
- perinatal mortality at pregnancy duration at least 24 weeks;
- life expectancy in perceived good health;
- supplied drugs;
- AWBZ/Wlz-funded long term care;
- youth care;
- average distance to facilities;
- profitability and operating results at institutions.

Changes as of 14 July 2022:
A new series was added for hospital discharges of COVID19.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will be published in July 2023.

Description topics

Care supply
Quantitative data on care providers: distance to care provider, institutions with small profitability, share of overhead in institutions.
Average distance to facilities
The average distance of all residents of the Netherlands from their residential address to a number of the nearest facilities.
Hospital (incl. outpatients clinic)
The average distance of all residents of the Netherlands to the nearest hospital (including outpatients clinic), by road.

Institution for research, treatment and nursing of the sick. Patients can be admitted to a hospital for more than 24 hours, and major surgery may be performed there.

Outpatients clinic
Location of a hospital where non-bedridden patients are treated or monitored. Patients do not stay for longer than 24 hours and no major surgery is performed there.